Lady Bunt


What could be nicer for a pay pig than making sure the lady enjoys her life to the fullest?

You have your work, you have ME and that is all there is for you! I want a toy that submits to me SPINELESSLY! I do not care whatever needs your cock might have! You act as MY sole worshiper, as MY MONEY MACHINE and nothing else!

TRIBUTES are what I want! They are a sign of reverence, absolute submission, WAIVER! - only these count for ME!

And since the few bucks that you hand over via my clipstore only serve as entertainment for your meatlett to cause some slimy discharges, I have you pay extra!

My moneymilking makes you sweat even in the dead of winter!

And that's exactly what you need... Exactly THAT is the pure motivation for a little paycunt like you, right?

You're wondering if it turns me on? Oh yeah! It makes me insanely wet to exploit you, in whatever way i see fit!


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