Lady Bunt
My Nylonsocks will rip you off
My Nylonsocks will rip you off

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Watching this preview your mouth is already watering again, isn't it nylon cunt? You're just a jerking footslave, which crawls beneath me and should be grateful, that I give you permission to worship my divine sweet feet in Nylon socks! I will make you want to pay! I will use you, I will manipulate you, I will RINSE you. The sound of my nylons and the flashing of my sexy soles is an exciting cocktail for your synapses. My sexy feet in nylon socks will rip you off! You will deliver! TRIBUTES are what I want! And you will give me all I want! That's exactly what you need... Exactly THAT is the pure motivation for a little foot bitch like you, right?