Lady Bunt

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The most beautiful place you can imagine is beneath my soles. Never at eye level, always kneeling below me, whining. Your life takes place exclusively under my sweaty feet and stinky socks! You just can not take your eyes off them. As much as you try to resist, you will not succeed. Do you know why that is? Because you are the definition of a born loser. A manipulable ATM, who I allow to wank his pathetic excuse of a sexual organ to the sad truth and pay for it. Come closer and inhale my divine fragrance, footbitch! You pay for a glipse of attention and degradation, you pay to asap inject yourself the next dose of sole content. You pay to worship my gorgeous feet. Over and over again. You're just as much if a weakling like all the other junkies who kiss the ground i walk on and you will never escape that vicious circle.