Lady Bunt

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Welcome to reality, Cuckold Bitch! I snap my fingers and the ATM-rat pays! Shopping trips, spa weekends, bills of all kinds, luxury vacations. I'll milk your marbles for breakfast and serve you a bittersweet message from my lover! After all, you really are begging to find out what your money is used for, right? Successively we will train you to suit our needs and take what we are entitled to. You will function without exception and put your cash at our feet, in a very appropriate manner ... I am well aware that you cannot resist and you are already staring at the buy button with trembling fingers. But how do I know that THAT really kicks you so mad? Very easily. You dream of me day and night, know all my clips, pictures and follow every step of me, like a panting, little mutt. Your brain is misted by my beauty, dominance and the fact that we do not even know each other, that I'm out of reach for you, fuels your desire and ignites this incredible urge in you. Why we use YOUR money? We live out our natural sadism. To manipulate you and to continue to push even further this is our kick. If you do not function, you will be disposed of. Or in short: Because we can and do not need it! You, on the other hand, need me ... us ... like the air to breathe! Buy the clip for your ultimate ALPHACOUPLE-MINDFUCK!