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Palina Addicted
Written on 24.02.2019 at 18:56 by Palina Addicted

Get out of your wallet, clean off the spider web and light up with your cash next week and the week after and after and after and...! The time has come! Cheers! REGISTER NOW

Palina Addicted
Written on 14.02.2019 at 19:10 by Palina Addicted

I hate monotony and love variety!

Of course this is not limited to traveling, new clothes or such alone, but also applys to a complete change of scenery.
My move to be precise, my emigration to Austria, is well planned and will happen quite quickly.  

As a lady I am not subject to anyone and completely free in my decisions, even regarding free movement. That neither my lover nor I will touch a finger is self-evident. This should be clear even to the lowest herd member amongst you.  

That means, costs arise and are setteled by YOU! In addition, there also are various other things that needs to be done during the move ... the furniture does not fit in the new apartment, so a new ones have to be bought.  

Of course, you ain't familiar with that, you would need a sense of taste to be able to judge that.

You're probably still living with mommy, and your furniture is from the 1920s.

But we still have not reached the end of the flagpole. Although we will not carry heavy furniture and boxes, I still need vacation after all this!  

And since my website still ain't ready yet, which means coins cannot be loaded, and I unfortunately have no influence on this, you will extensively spend HERE and HERE and make the Tribute Button glow!  

Once you have done that, you will start all over again!  

I also accept Amazon gift cards (!  

Do your best! Take care of my stress-free emigration and a relaxing move in!

Palina Addicted
Written on 06.02.2019 at 11:06 by Palina Addicted

My sneaker collection, in many different variations and colors, expanded by C.V.

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Written on 29.01.2019 at 21:32 by Palina Addicted

...the miss is happy!

Perfect time and perfectly chosen by S.S.

Palina Addicted
Written on 15.01.2019 at 13:21 by Palina Addicted

In the next few days my world will fill with mind-fucking loserporn and other addictive stuff!

It is still NOT possible to buy coins! In the background the coding continues, so be patient until officially launches.

All important information, you can find here and on Twitter!

In the meantime you can purchase my clips HERE!