Lady Bunt
Palina Addicted
Written on 19.06.2019 at 12:38 by Palina Addicted

It will be hot in the next few weeks!

My friend Madame Svea will spend her summer vacation with me in beautiful austria.

That means you have the great honor to sweeten our legendary ladies night!

Delicious cocktails, good food, fun-filled party nights! ... and you can, at least virtually, participate in our fun.

Losers are undesirable at a ladies night, but you have to pay!

We will definitely feed your brain with new clips and fetish pictures and maybe you can call us in the IGNORE line and hear that we laugh about you pathetic loser. You will see ...

And now:

Start to PAY!

Palina Addicted
Written on 29.04.2019 at 18:28 by Palina Addicted

Ready for the garbage or ...?

Oh, I'm sure we find a variety of uses, so my boots are in good hands with one of you.

Loved for years and worn extensively, I will now separate from them!

You surely know her from some of my clips!

If you want to bury your nose in this wet dream, then write an email NOW!

Palina Addicted
Written on 18.04.2019 at 16:50 by Palina Addicted

Easter is coming soon, jerk-bunny!

Not only the temperatures go up, the hormones are crazy too.

The days are getting longer, the skirts shorter. Your look always lowered, on the female pedicured feet and freshly painted toe nails in predominantly high, open pumps. And you do not remember where up there is still down.

You do not have to go wild!

The popular "egg hunt" on the holidays is completely superfluous for you.

Evolution has already put a stop to that.

Because, as Darwin once discovered, nature ensures that only the strongest survive.

Still not got it? Really now?

You cunt have NO eggs !!!

Mother Nature has already made sure that you can not pass on your genes, and rightly so.

Your path was and is clear from birth, so use your time wisely!

Your fate is to serve me, to search my fetish clips and to push hard tributes.


Palina Addicted
Written on 28.02.2019 at 10:14 by Palina Addicted

I am pleased to see how many herd candidates have found their way in my new kingdom!

Some already are busy, others, however, probably still are dazed by the divine apperance of their miss.

I do not care if you watch my clips, make the tribute button glow or directly, by chat or PM, seek contact with me:

Proove yourself as a loyal, interesting playtoy and make yourself useful!

Under the menu option WATCH ME you get directly to all my fetish clips, tribute payments are done under GLAM REBEL!

If you are not registered yet, then you will catch up NOW!


Palina Addicted
Written on 25.02.2019 at 16:34 by Palina Addicted

New Wetlook Leggings from R.S. 
I like!