Lady Bunt
Palina Addicted
Written on 29.10.2019 at 23:05 by Palina Addicted
Palina Addicted
Written on 18.10.2019 at 12:20 by Palina Addicted

I am very proud to be a part of the #nationalbossday! 

you can see me from min. 2:30

Palina Addicted
Written on 31.07.2019 at 11:47 by Palina Addicted

Why waste many words on you?

We know what you need and you know what we want!

And that's exactly why you will log in now, click on "GLAM REBEL" and pay! DO IT NOW!

Dominant greetings,

Miss Palina and Madame Svea

Palina Addicted
Written on 02.07.2019 at 16:49 by Palina Addicted

New game, new brain fucking!

I am looking forward to a hot and intense July with you, slave! What awaits you, do you want to know?

Well ... with your cock in one hand and the credit card in your other hand, it's easy for me to burn deeper into your junky brain.

And you surely know best what makes a loser with big balls: pay and jerk off, pay and jerk off ...

You can not escape my seduction skills and I will not stop until I have completely emptied your Pay balls!

You need this brain fucking, the merciless exploitation by me! You love it when I let you bleed financially and I love it when you work! 

I call that a clear win-win situation!

And that's exactly why you will log in, click on "GLAM REBEL", type in the amount and click on "send tribute"!

And why? Because you're a good pay cunt that deserves to act as a herd member in my stable, right? ;)

Palina Addicted
Written on 30.06.2019 at 21:32 by Palina Addicted

Your dreams will from now on have one purpose. To make me happy.

I was/am/will ever be everything you need in your life.
Since the day you were born, way before you were even able to realize it, deep down in your subconscious you longed for someone like me.

I demand a lot! Sophisticated, aloof, moody, unpredictable, and to put it in the words of one of my subs, "She is an absolute expert in playing carrots and sticks games."

I really enjoy the humiliating look in your eyes while you're carrying out my orders, when i'm punishing you randomly or when i'm playing with your excitation.

I enjoy being spoiled and i love presents.
However, it should never require a request or an invitation from me.
You should always be aware that it's your duty/fulfillment to make me happy.
You will also be responsible for my entertainment and/or amusement if i feel for it.
BDSM/Fetishes are my delight, moneyslavery is my relaxation and a additional luxury which I enjoy to the fullest extent.
Those who understand the concept of moneyslavery know how much of a satisfaction it is to me when i fund my wishes with slave money. 

You will love me, adore me, you might even hate me from time to time but trust me, you will always crave after me and be very grateful for every moment of my attention.